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Freshly pressed nut butter with Impact

100% nuts in.
100% nut butter out.

It really is as simple as that.


So many of us have been made to believe in the rather unfounded and unregulated promises of our locally available jarred nut butters, yet many of us would be shocked at the hidden, unmentioned ingredients. A common unmentioned culprit is stabiliser, amongst others. supernutural SA eradicates all of these.

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Our promise to the environment.


Winner of the German
Sustainability Award 2020 and CO2 neutral by 2025


100% Made in Germany

The award winning supernutural machine is handmade in Germany upon order.

100% Bio

Packaging throughout the supernutural chain is always monitored for alignment with the most stringent zero waste standards.

Zero waste

Saving packaging waste,
To Go cups and
Food waste

This is what freshly pressed nut butter tastes like.


Lets get something clear from the outset.

Our pallets have long been conned into tastes driven by hidden additives, sugars, salts and artificial flavourants.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience the true taste of Mother Nature?

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supernutural is already actively changing the food world in over 30 countries.

Times have changed, and so have nutritional requirements.


As a winner of the German Sustainability Award 2020, fulfilling the UN Sustainability Goals is part of our DNA. With supernutural, we have been setting a new standard in nutrition and sustainability since 2015. ‘You are what you eat’ is the credo of a new generation of customers. Because our food has a significant impact on well-being, performance and the environment.

This is why nutrition experts, world champions and Olympic champions already trust in the functional added value of supernutural. The nutritional-physiological advantages stand for plant-based energy without compromise for body and nature.

Just one click away from fresh nut butter for customers, guests, team and employees. Our motivated B2B team looks forward to a personal consultation.